You had me at tea.

I wouldn’t consider myself “a foodie,” at least not in the true sense. I don’t take pictures of everything plate of food I consume. I don’t write about most of the places I’ve gone to eat. I do enjoy my food. I eat well. I have the womanly curves to prove it.

There is one food experience that I really enjoy, that is going to the local Farmer’s Market. It is sensory overload with all of the fresh produce. The colors are bright, the air is pungent, there is something good to taste at most of the booths.

I don’t get to visit my local Farmer’s Market as often as I would like. It is held every Thursday morning on the lower campus of Victor Valley Community College. The timing is such, that when school is in session, I am unable to attend. During the school year, I sent a friend with a shopping list, and he picks up my fruit and veggies. In the summer, I’m there as often as I can.

When I first enter the market area, the first thing is the booths of vendors selling non-food items. These can range from Tupperware and Avon products to clothing and home decorations. I just scoot on past those, I’m here for the yummy stuff.

Wandering deeper into the market, I could start smelling the fruit and herbs. I meandered through tasting samples and making purchases. Bread from a San Bernardino bakery. Kale, broccoli, and rosemary from a Fresno grower. Blueberries and loquats from a Riverside grower.


My shopping.

Then I found the tea vendor from Big Bear.

Tea, loose leaf tea, tea blended by Mr. Wright and his wife.

The proprietor of Mountain Witch Tea greeted me warmly. He opened bags and let me savor the sweet and spicy scents.

Mr. Wright then asked me what kinds of tea I enjoyed. When I told him my favorite was Earl Grey with a touch of lavender, he pulled out a bag of their Earl Grey Tea – black tea, rosemary, lavender, rose and bergamot oil. It smelled of citrus and flowers.

We chatted about history, the health benefits, and the variety of teas. I mentioned the smoked souchong tea I had tried in Boston. He often carried that tea, apparently it’s really popular in the mountain communities. He promised to bring some down next week for me. (Yippee!)

I picked up the Cherry Blossom Tea. With his permission, I opened it. Sweet and fruity, it reminded me tea at the Japanese Friendship Garden in Sand Diego. It contained black tea, rose petals, vanilla bean and cherry flavor.

With two black teas chosen, I turned to his green and herbal teas. I had lots of choices – I debated between the Moroccan Mint and the Angel Wing White Tea. I chose the white tea, this is a tea I was unfamiliar with and thought I should give it a try. “white tea” are tea leaves picked while still young and still unfolding.

Tea bags

My tea.

With my shopping bags full and my wallet empty, I schlepped back to the car and home. Of course, once back at the house, the job wasn’t done. I had vegetables to clean and store, the fruit to put in the bowl, and a pot of tea to brew.

Now as the temperature threatens to sneak over a hundred degrees, I might not get much else done today. That’s okay, it was a lovely morning, and I have tea in my cup.

tea cup

Earl Grey in my colonial style tea cup from Boston.

Until next time, remember the door is always open, and the kettle is always

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2 thoughts on “You had me at tea.

  1. I didn’t know there was a tea vendor at the Farmer’s Market. I will definitely have to find their booth next week. I love that colonial style kettle. Is it cast iron?

    Liked by 1 person

    • The teapot is enameled cast iron that my husband bought for me at the Japanese Friendship Garden in San Diego about five years ago. The teacup, I bought at the Boston Tea Party Museum in Boston last April.


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